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Need transportation for a wedding, corporate event, greek formal, or a private outing? Starting a private route with Skedaddle is the easiest way to charter a bus! Routes are tailored to your specifications; set your own itinerary and select your vehicle — size and type are up to you! We'll handle all logistics and ensure that you're always paying the lowest price. No more haggling for quotes or sifting through rental options.


Enter your route details, view price immediately, share with others, and you're done. We've vetted and screened the highest quality bus operators in your area to serve your route.


It's even easy to split the cost of the route between riders, or you can pay any portion of the total up front.


Start a private route in 3 minutes and let us do the rest.

Use our app to easily keep your group up to date and split payment

"I just love Skedaddle! Customer Service has been awesome - so helpful and timely. The routes are so personalized, easy to setup, and monitor. And, the drivers are so nice! Overall extremely user-friendly."

Marylou S.


"Other chartering services were charging a minimum and were much harder to work with. Using you allowed us to pay for the trip and made the process much easier on our end. Lots of flexibility...fantastic."

Matt C.


"Skedaddle is the charter bus service for this generation. Everything about Skedaddle makes transport booking user-friendly and easy to manage and the team is incredibly dedicated to making sure the riders and organizers have a great time!"

Nick F.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a private route?

Skedaddle’s private routes are the modern answer to traditional bus chartering. We’ve made it quick and simple to reserve a bus for your large group or private event. No more haggling with multiple companies or waiting for your call to be returned. Leave the past behind and book your bus seamlessly with Skedaddle.

Your private route will be password protected, so only the people with whom you share the event link and password will be able to reserve a seat.

When should I start a private route?

Private routes are designed for groups of passengers who want to keep the bus to themselves. If your pickup or drop off locations are private addresses, or if you’re travelling to an exclusive event then a private route is the way to go. Private routes are perfect for organizations, weddings, company outings and beyond!

What is the difference between private and public routes?

There are a few differences between private and public routes. Most significantly, public routes are open for any Skedaddle user to join. Private routes are password protected and can only be accessed by those who are sent the route link and access code by the route starter.

Private routes will match the exact specifications submitted by the route starter. With private routes, you select the pickup and drop off locations, the bus size, and the Go Live number.

Conversely, with public routes, the pickup and drop off locations must be open to the public and easily accessible to anyone. Skedaddle reviews the locations submitted for public routes and will occasionally change pickup and drop off spots to be more accessible.

The size of the bus reserved for public routes is determined by the number of seats reserved at the time the route goes live (48 hours prior to departure).

Finally, the Go Live number for all public routes is set to 10 passengers and cannot be edited by the route starter.

How can I or my organization subsidize the cost of the route?

When you start a route, select the percentage of the cost you would like to fund. This feature can be used to cover some of the cost of the route before riders reserve seats. If you fully fund the bus (by selecting 100% while creating the route), then your riders will still need to sign up, but their seats won’t cost them anything! This is so we can send real-time updates to all passengers on the route so that you don’t have to. If you fund a portion of the route less than 100%, then the remaining balance will be split evenly amongst the seat reservations.

Does everyone pay the same amount?

For private routes, the price of the bus is split evenly amongst all of the riders (less any amount the route starter has funded). Passengers will reserve their seat at the "Current" price displayed on the route page. However, the route will not be charged until 48 hours prior to departure, and the price per rider will continue to drop as more riders get on board! We want to give everyone the chance to reserve a seat and ensure that you pay the lowest possible price. You will receive an email with your final price and pass at 48 hours prior to departure.

How do I select a Go Live number?

The Go Live number is the minimum number of riders who need to reserve seats on your route in order for it to depart. You can increase or decrease the Go Live number in order to change the maximum per seat price paid for any one seat reservation. A higher Go Live number will decrease the maximum per seat price, but will increase the number of people who will need to join in order for your route to depart. If you have a solid idea of the minimum number of people you expect to join your route, then that is generally a good choice for a Go Live.

If you are funding 100% of the route personally or through an organization, then you can select a Go Live of zero (0). Your route will be active immediately. We still recommend that you share the route with your group to ensure that there are enough seats for everyone who wants to sign up. Additionally, we’ll send route updates to all passengers who have reserved seats so that you don’t have to!

How do I invite others to join a private route I started?

Once you start a private route with us, you’ll receive an email allowing you to share your route via email and social media. The email will also contain an access code that can be used to view the route page and book a seat on the route! Make sure you share the link to the event as well as the access code with your group.

How can I join an existing private route?

To join an existing private route, you’ll need a route link, and the unique access code from the route starter. When the route starter submitted the route, he or she received an email with links to share this information via email or social media! If you aren’t able to get in touch with the route starter, drop us a line at hello@letskedaddle.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you with this process.